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Why you´ll love Marrakech

We are amazed. We are impressed. We are just lucky, because we’ve spent the last five days in one of the most beautiful cities we´ve ever visited. We´ve been to Marrakech – the Red City. Let´s share some impressions and give you some reasons why it is easy to fall in love with Marrakech, its traditions and its people…


What to love about Marrakech

For sure, you will get lost. At least ten times a day. But that’s ok – it’s all about exploring and not about arriving. Let it happen and you will get much more than expected.


You´ll spot lots of doors when strolling along the Medina, some are impressive ornamental, some are inconsiderable. Maybe you´ll never find out what’s hidden behind. But if you are lucky, a door opens and you are allowed to enter…


Marrakech is called the Red City because of the tone of its houses and walls. But it’s much more colourful, especially in the Souks, the bazar streets within the Medina. Leave all grey behind and enjoy the bright colours everywhere around.


It´s called Morrocan whiskey – thé de la menthe. Fresh Mint tea. Sweet and aromatic. You´ll get it everywhere and you´ll smell it everywhere… if you are lucky! Otherwise it will smell rather ugly – almost everywhere around the corner and especially in the tannery district.



You are not allowed to enter most of the Muslim buildings. The more fascinating are the ones you are allowed to visit. Don´t miss the Medersa Ben Youssef, an old Koran school, or the graves of Tombeaux Saadiens. It´s beautiful!



Languages, traditions, behaviours, believes, clothes, … There are so many matters that divide people into different groups – but still, we have so a lot in common. So, be interest and open-minded, send a smile and you´ll get back so much more. The people of Marrakech are lovely – just get in touch!


It’s simply not possible to miss the big square of Jemaa El Fna. It’s in the middle of the lively Medina – and a touristic hotspot. Let’s say it is a huge fairground with Arabic food, jugglers, musicians and exotic animals. Don´t take it too serious – but get drifted away into the atmosphere.



No norms how big an apple has to be, no measures for bananas. Get your fresh fruits and nuts along the street and enjoy the taste of pomegranates and salty almonds.



Tajine with lamb, chicken kebabs, Moroccan salads, olives, couscous, … The street food market on Jemaa El Fna every night is very special. There are more than 100 different BBQ trucks, each one offers more or less the same. It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s an easy first try of Moroccan cuisine.



Outside the Medina, in the newer part of the town, you´ll find the Jardin Majorelle, an oasis within the dusty city. It’s not that big but it’s the most beautiful of Marrakech´s gardens. Unfortunately most of the tourists know about this sight, so get up early to explore it while it’s not that crowded.


Marrakech is not that traditional as you might think. It’s still real Arabic but the same time it’s getting younger. You´ll realize it if you explore the city with open eyes.


We are not the only ones who are attracted by warm temperatures in autumn and winter times. In the past storks were sacred animals in Morocco. They are still present all over the city, living on rooftops of mosques and houses.


You now might have a first impression why Marrakech is a city to fall in love with. But for sure there is much more to explore. So, next time it’s your turn to get lost in the Medina and tell about what YOU love about the Red City… Have fun!



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